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This is a brainstorming post for Challenge 9: Welcome to our Village!

First, the challenge itself:
This is a team challenge as well as an individual challenge.

As a team
100 points for completing team portion of challenge:
  • The team needs to create a story of 250 words or more that details background information on how their village came to be.
  • Team needs to come up a village motto that their team follows
  • Team need to create at least one graphic/hand-drawn image that reflects their village - housing, scenery, etc.
  • Team need to create at least two weapons that are unique to their village. Weapons need at least a 50-word description and an image.
  • Bonus points
    • 10 points for each extra image apart from the required one for a maximum of 40 points
    • 15 points for each additional weapon apart from the required two for a maximum of 45 points

Individual portion:

Character Bio - This can be anything you'd like to include. What role do you play in the village? How did you end up in the village? People can be as creative as they like. Examples: If someone is in the medical field they can be the village medic. Or... If for some odd reason there is a Dai Li in the Water Tribe, that person can explain why they are now located in a Water Tribe village. People can even create a alias for themselves if they wish. I know people adore OC challenges. This is a great opportunity for word-building as well. People can even uses members' bios as the basis for OC.
  • 10 points for written bio (50-word minimum)
  • 5 points for a image of character - at least 100x100 size. Said image can be shooped, hand-drawn, or with a PB.
Tales/Folklore/Art/Music that reflect your village. They can be historical or present day. 25 points per piece
  • Min requirement - fics - 250 words
  • Min requirement - icons - 10
  • Min requirement - medium graphics - banners - 3
  • Everything else is one - Art/Fanmix/Fanvid/Large Graphics - wallpaper/mood themes/Original songs/etc.
I'd love to get new members during the round to get involved in this so this challenge will last the entire round. Entries can be shared at any time.

Please submit both individual and team entries in the thread labelled with your team name.

+additional point for individual piece(s) submitted

Deadline July 25th 11:59 pm PST

I think we all know who the displaced Dai Li is going to be. >.>  Old habits are hard to break!

But what about everything else? Shall we brainstorm our village people together, or make that an individual thing?

I will make separate threads for us to brainstorm the separate village portions at any rate, as well as a questions/suggestions thread.

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